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1961 DJ-3A Bryson City, NC **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $500 

“Up for sale is a very rare 1961 willys courier supposedly only 17 were made like this but don’t hold me to that ,4cyd flat head 3 speed 4×4 dual shifters most of these jeeps are right hand drive but this one was never converted and it has a factory lift don’t know if it was meant to run 35s but it is, motor runs but needs 6 volt coil and battery and the key is broken off in the switch but can start with out that have ont drive shaft but not the other, body is pretty bad but the historic significance it is worth restoring also the roll bar is out of a cj-5 so it will have to be cut to fit oh and I do have the title. Call text or email 828-736-7461 A little more if u want to try and find this u are more than welcome some people like to say oh yea my neighbor has one of those but look closely at the front finder to hood height and the over all size of the jeep the open tale gate and the window does not fold down also the entry way or kick panel there is not one from factory its not a cj-3b or a cj-3a I have done a lot of research and found out very little maybe u will have more luck”


3 Comments on “1961 DJ-3A Bryson City, NC **SOLD**

  1. Colin

    This Jeep isn’t that rare. It is a DJ3A delivery body with the rear of the hardtop taken off. It could still be using the DJ3A chassis underneath with the 4WD axles, transmission and transfer case fitted to it or the DJ3A body could be sitting on the CJ2A or 3A chassis, but with the flathead 4, I would go with the DJ3A chassis and the 4WD stuff fitted to it. If the guy would look at the VIN plate on the firewall, he would be able to find out what he has and even look to see if the last 5 numbers of the VIN are stamped on the frame just ahead of the front body mount on the right side. Most of the DJ3A delivery bodies had the doors cut down to the floor and that is what this has.

  2. Michael

    what models had the single unit gauge cluster like this one and a “T” handle parking brake in the dash? I’m still trying to identify my fathers jeep (which is no longer in my possession) it also had a vertical rifle rack on the passenger side like a police shotgun rides. He was told it was an M38 but I have ruled that out. I’m pretty sure it was a CJ3A with a 3B windshield on it. Fuel tank was mounted under the rear.

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