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Shriner’s 4-Wheel Steer Jeeps in Boise

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Josh was in downtown Boise on Saturday morning with his son watching the holiday parade when two flatfenders appeared. He said they were both named “sidewinder” and both had 4 wheel steer with dual steering wheels.  He said they were going a decent speed doing donuts or driving at an angle.

He snapped the picture below and then found a video of them.  The jeeps show up at the 17 sec mark and then really show at the 44 sec mark. I’ll see if I can dig up some more info on these in the future.


5 Comments on “Shriner’s 4-Wheel Steer Jeeps in Boise

  1. SMc

    Reminds me of a hackeyed MB that the Carlsbad (CA) Jaycees had when I was a kid back in the late 60s. It was two MB/GPW front ends welded together in the middle w/ a surrey top and 4-wheel steer. It was used for parades and other promo events and was (I think) bright yellow. It had one engine and two steering wheels w/ the “drivers” sitting back to back. Only one guy actually drove the thing. Been data mining old friends and family to see if anyone has a pic for the website.

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