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1943 Kubelwagon Mays Landing, NJ **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

The starting bid is only $3500.  This appears in good shape to me (but I know little about these).

“These Include:  I added Round Metal Mirrors, Relocated tail light and license plate mount, Made Backing plate for Rear trunk lid, Fashioned / Made the wooden floor boards “Duck Boards”, Fashioned Screw Type windshield fold-down pin handles, Added Door seals and Windshield to Dash seal, Painted the steering wheel and All Shiny bolts that were showing, Installed new NAPA ignition switch, Installed new NAPA Horn button, Installed a new Coil, Changed the distributor (old one was electronic and troublesome) Fuel Filter, Air Filter, Oil and Filter, Changed gear oil, Added the front tow rope, Added Shovel, Made Headlight Covers, Added the graphics and Markings of Rommel’s 21’st PANZER DIVISION  / DAK or Deutsch Afrika Korps WWII with Palm Tree but Deleted the Swastika for obvious reasons.

* Graphics / Markings are either vinyl self stick OR Spray painted stencils. Either way, Graphics are easily removable with Acetone if desired *

I had the Engine removed and Transmission / Engine seals replaced by a professional Antique VW repair facility because I saw gear oil on the floor of the barn. Some say old VW’s mark their territory by leaking oil but this one does not.

KUBELWAGEN has a 1974 – 1600CC / 58HP Engine  < #AE 946851 >  that purrrrrs and a 1965 Beetle Chassis < Vin#145304936 >

It is Titled in NJ as a 1965 VW KUB CON (meaning Kubelwagen Convertible).  It was titled by me on June 7th this year. I have driven it about 300 Miles to shows and around town. It WILL go 70 MPH but I drive it at 45-50 MAX and laugh as people drive around me.

The Mileage shown on the Working ODOMETER is from a Donor Car and is 52,748 – This is NOT actual but is the number used for title purposes.  The Actual mileage this car has traveled in it’s current configuration since being built is estimated at 400. That would be prior owner who completed car 100 Miles ESTIMATED and MY personal ESTIMATE of 300 for a total of 400 ESTIMATED miles.

The car is a 2 DOOR in Suicide configuration to open backwards.
It has single element Headlights meaning NO HIGH BEAMS.
It has a Working GAS gauge, Speedometer, Odometer and Oil pressure gauges that DO NOT Light Up. I believe they have bulbs and can light up but do not at this time. I don’t think they are wired to light up.
It has a Push Button on the dashboard that energizes the Alternator to charge the battery.”



15 Comments on “1943 Kubelwagon Mays Landing, NJ **SOLD**

  1. Brett

    “graphics and Markings of Rommel’s 21’st PANZER DIVISION / DAK or Deutsch Afrika Korps WWII with Palm Tree but Deleted the Swastika for obvious reasons.”

    I should read 1st.

  2. Steve E.

    Hey, isn’t that one of those Jeepsters?

    (Sorry, I just had to get even with all those annoying people who ask me if my Jeepster is one of those German cars. lol.)

    **Steve E.**

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    Brett: Can’t tell you how many times I have said the same thing 🙂

    Steve: That’s just amazing . . .

  4. Buz

    Did I read it right that you have to push a button on the dash to make the alternator work? I wonder if you have to keep your finger on it the whole time you are driving, some of these ebay descriptions leave you wondering what they were thinking when they built it.

  5. mmdeilers Post author

    Here’s a nice little blurb about the Kubelwagon (though it doesn’t answer Buz’s question). It turns out the Kubel had a limited slip rear differential, which compensated for the lack of 4wd.

  6. mmdeilers Post author

    Here are the starting procedures. I think the seller means the button is a start button and not an alternator button:

    Starting Procedure. Turn fuel cock counterclockwise to open. Place gear-shift lever in neutral. Insert ignition key in switch
    and turn to right, so that ammeter warning light glows red. Depress clutch pedal and pull out choke. Press cranking motor button. Release cranking motor button as soon as the engine starts and push choke half-way in. Permit the engine to run at low speed for two or three minutes to warm up with the choke half-way out. Push the choke all the way in as soon as the engine runs smoothly. If the
    engine fails to start with the first attempt, repeat the procedure. Do not hold the cranking motor button depressed continuously, for more than ten seconds at a time. Should the engine fail to start after numerous attempts, the carburetor may be flooded. In this circum stance, push the choke all the way in, depress the accelerator, and again attempt to start the engine. If the engine still will not start, refer to the section on trouble shooting (par. 27).

  7. Another Bob

    One sold here in Owensboro, Ky. back in September at an estate auction for $31,000, and it needed restoration. A collector from Colorado bought it. Apparently only about 50,000 were made. The one here came from Czechoslovakia.

  8. Buz

    Appears to be nothing more than a 1965 era Beetle with a homemade body. I’d much rather be driving a MB or GPW around the neighborhood, wouldn’t you?

  9. hugh

    It would have looked a lot more authentic with some corrogated sheet metal. at least he got the shape right. a volkswagen thing looks a lot more like the kubelwagen.

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