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Puzzle Jeep

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I bought this wooden puzzle jeep the other day.  It came assembled, so of course, I took it apart.  It turns out that putting it together wasn’t as easy as I thought, but I did get it together.  You can see me celebrating my ‘victory’ (well, that’s the fuzzy version of me — I am celebrating no-shave November)


10 Comments on “Puzzle Jeep

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    Sorry Dexter, I saw your email, then got sidetracked. I bought it as part of collection of 7 other mini puzzles (a train, a couple balls, and some abstract things). It looks pretty old. I never seen another one. I wanted to make some plans to make some more of them.

    I’m sure his son would look good with my beard Paul!

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    “I should have been more specific”

    I have a feeling the ‘Goddess’ has said that few times to Paul as well . . . 😉

  3. Larry Mcgill

    Keith I would like to get my grandson one of these, he loves puzzles that can be done with his hands, I think this a great puzzle. Thanks in advance. Larry

  4. David Eilers

    HI Keith,

    This is David (aka the eWillys guy). I bought this puzzle off of eBay. I haven’t seen another available.


    – Dave

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