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Truman Library Jeep Photos

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Buz unearthed these two jeep related photos in the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum online collection.

1) Mascot of 4026th Army Signal Photographic Battalion Sits in Jeep

A monkey named “Lady” who was the mascot of the 4026th Army Signal Photographic Battalion, sits in a jeep, somewhere in the Philppines. Donor: John Paxton.



2) Secretary Pace Talks with People in a Jeep

This photo was taken circa 1952. There isn’t a description.  It is one of the nicer Military Police Jeeps I’ve seen.  The door is particularly unusual.


2 Comments on “Truman Library Jeep Photos

  1. Steve E.

    Hey, there’s that Trunk Monkey!

    By slim coincidence, I just saw this photo on the Walck’s Facebook Site minutes ago. Good photo Buz!

    I like the locking steering wheel. I guess the monkey can’t be trusted.

    **Steve E.**

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