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1952 M-38 Hermosa Beach, CA eBay

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UPDATE:  This is back on eBay

(11/10/2012) This looks real nice.

“Up for auction is my 1952 unrestored, all original, M38 Willys Army Jeep. Yes, unrestored, all 100% original rare barn find. I have had this M38 for about 1 1/2 years now. This M38 was hidden under tarps and a carport for years! I can not tell you the history of the last 60 years other than what I have done to it to get her running! There are rebuild/service tags still on the M38 from the late 50s and early 60s! So with that being said, here are the thing I had to do to make sure she was 100% road worthy!

New water pump; (2) New batteries; Radiator checked, pressure tested and new filler neck; gas tank- brand new NOS original I had; brakes- all new shoes, lines, wheel cylinders, hoses, fittings, master cylinder; exhaust- after market new pipes and muffler (it needed a muffler more than anything, but I still have the original exhaust which will be included with the M38); transmission- all new fluid, pressure plate and clutch, gaskets; transfer case- inspected, looks great; both axles- new seals, gaskets, fluid, both in great condition; new knuckle front seals; all new 24v bulbs; one new drivers side headlight; tires- are original (4) Cooper Cross Country military tires (50% tread left still); spare tire- Denman original (New, never seen pavement or dirt); I’m sure I’m leaving something out, but please ask me.

Now, about the motor! After 2 months of working on the above mentioned list, I started the M38 up. It ran good, but not great. Because of the motor sitting so long, it has valve lash. I pulled the motor, went to get a valve job, but instead decided to rebuild the entire motor. So, the motor is entirely rebuilt with brand new everything!! Only 225+/_ miles on the motor since Feb., 2012! It was professionally done and have ALL receipts! Everything on the motor itself has been cleaned, repainted. Carb- rebuilt, new gaskets and cleaned. Distributor- new cap, points”

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