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Sunliner 4WD Tram on eBay

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I saw this and thought it might be a reworked jeep train.  Though no tour jeep, I saw surprised to learn it was four wheel drive.  Just imagine cruising up the Ouray, Colorado, in this beast … lol. And, you can get a pretty nice FC for $39,999 (asking price on eBay).

“SUNLINER TRAM from zoo, seats approximately 40 people
Offer of $34k by Fri takes her home
Very good condition
Gas engine runs well
Opportunity for your group tours
Useful in any facility or for event grounds shuttling FUN
Easy to drive
Power car can be disconnected from trailer car as needed for lesser crowd”

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2 Comments on “Sunliner 4WD Tram on eBay

  1. Colin

    What kind of drive train did these have? Might have trouble going from Durango to Silverton with this rig!

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