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Four in a Jeep — International Posters

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Die Vier im Jeep (Four in a Jeep) was the original title of this 1951.  It was filmed in Austria. Anyone seen it?  I found some neat posters about it. Here’s more on Wikipedia.

“In post-war Vienna, occupied by the Allies, four sergeants representing each of the occupying nations (USA, England, France, Soviet Union)patrol in the same Jeep. One day they are given the mission to capture and arrest a prisoner who has run away from a Soviet war prisoner camp. But when they learn the truth about Karl, the runaway, and Franziska, his wife, they decide to help him instead. The trouble is that the Soviet sergeant is held on a short leash by his superiors. He has strict orders not to let the fugitive slip away and he comes into conflict with his fellow military policemen. In these conditions, Will Karl and Franziska be reunited and live free again?”

You can find Four In A Jeep: Director’s Cut at

I found a variety of posters at  These were all posted by the owner of the originals, Roy Mann.







2 Comments on “Four in a Jeep — International Posters

  1. novascoty

    Recently bought this DVD off Amazon. No epic, but watchable. A little dark because of the post-WWII theme of the division of Berlin. Jeeps are not used often enough but are nice to have in a couple scenes. I’ve long been a fan of Viveca Lindfors. She was supposed to be another studios answer to Ingrid Bergman but didn’t get the opportunities Bergman received.

  2. kevin connor

    Not enough jeep action but interesting to see postwar Berlin before the wall went up. We get some sense of what living was like then.

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