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Wiring Schematics

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I created a post with a list of wiring schematics, but it was deleted somehow. This page provides a temporarily replacement.  I’m sure I had links to where I found these, but I will have to relocate them.

CJ-2A wiring Diagram


CJ-3A Wiring Diagram


1956 CJ-3B Wiring Diagram


1965 CJ-3B Wiring Diagram


1972 CJ-5 Wiring Diagram



1978 CJ-5 Wiring Diagram

wiring-diagrams-1978-cj-jeep12 wiring-diagrams-1978-cj-jeep2


24 Comments on “Wiring Schematics

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    Hi Ken,

    I tried to email you the following, but the email bounced back:

    Hi Ken,

    I managed to track down a willys wagon wiring diagram (actually, the
    entire manual). This is a PDf posted at the old Willys Forum:

    Once you download the PDF you’ll have to scroll to the electrical
    section. Let me know if you have any trouble with it.

    If you get a chance, you might thank the folks over at the old willys forum for scanning
    and posting it. Here’s the thread:

    Have a Happy New Year!

    – Dave

  2. ken hennessey

    thanks for the link dave however after looking at the wiring in the manual im really confused im pretty new to this stuff but I don’t see any wiring for the blower motor for the heater perhaps im missing something also I don’t have the original key switch for it will that matter if I only have 3 or 4 connection points on the back of the switch

  3. ken hennessey

    dave how do i know what colors the wires are the diagram i got for a L6-226-4×4 is in black and white with no numbers or colors any suggestions would greatly help thank you

  4. Mark

    I am looking for any Diagrams, description & operation on a 1949 willies jeepster flat 4 overdrive system. Just replaced a bad overdrive solenoid but something else is wrong in combination. Do you have those resources? Thanks for any help!

  5. David Eilers

    Hi Mark,

    Here’s a list of schematics that includes a couple different Jeepster schematics (near the bottom of the page). However, neither the Jeepster nor the wagon schematics include the overdrive wiring.

    Could this switch need replacing?

    Here’s a break down of the Borg-Warner R-10:

    Here’s a general look at some problems with the R-10:

    Here’s one example of a borg Warner overdrive schematic:

    Does any of that help?

  6. Tonya Lopez

    Schematics for a 1995 Thor Motorcoach class A, 35′, Residency (series). Transfer of ownership, or the building burnt down. Havent found one yet its been 2 years looking. Can you help me. Everything is falling apart. Refridge, lights, ac, and the rats chewed everything under the dash. Please help. Thank you, name larry

  7. David Peto

    Do you happen to have a wiring diagram for a DJ m35u? Mine has the floor lever to actuate the starter. I am desperately trying to find a wiring diagram but not having much luck.

  8. David Eilers


    I’m not sure what a DJ m35u is? Could that be a misprint? Is it some kind of DJ-5?

    – Dave

  9. James

    I know this is old and no one will probably see it but I have a dj-5 postal jeep that I cannot find the wiring diagram anywhere

  10. David Eilers

    Hi James,

    What year is your DJ? I’ll see if I can locate something.

    – Dave

  11. Mark Theron

    Good day.
    I am in search of a 1956 willys cj5 wiring diagram and cannot seem to find one, if you would know where to get one it would be appreciated.

  12. Trinity

    I got a dj5 from 1975 I really need help, were rewiring this this I need a original wiring diagram I’m muttering through but I can get the stop and charging systems to work

  13. David Eilers

    Hi Julian,

    You can buy one for the DJ-5F on eBay for $15:

    I used to be able to find manuals like this in libraries, so you can try checking with a local library to see if they have one.

    Finally, you can contact, explain what you are doing, and see if they can send you scan.

    Sorry I can’t be more helpful. Best of luck!

    – Dave
    David Eilers

  14. Benjamin Dunlap

    I’m trying to restore a 1955 cj5 all the wiring has become rat food and is missing. I keep getting mixed information 6 volt not 6 volt. it is still running a generator not an alternator. no battery the rear brake built appears to be 12 volt. I want to restore to original. do you have the wiring diagram?

  15. David Eilers

    Hi Benjamin,

    I don’t have one offhand. I recommend asking the folks at the page. Someone there ought to have one.

    – Dave

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