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Factory Photo of a CJ-2A & Trailer

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David’s brother bought this factory photo at a car show. This didn’t have any information on the back, but does have a good looking trailer with an interesting box.



2 Comments on “Factory Photo of a CJ-2A & Trailer

  1. Colin

    The CJ has what appears to be an experimental number on the left front bumper (X32?), along with the CJ3A parking lamps and CJ2A windshield. The trailer looks like a stock Willys pickup bed with the spare mounted on the side like the pickups used. It almost looks like it has the split differential housing under it also. As late as the photo was taken, 9-7-49, the Jeep could have been an early CJ3A.

  2. STEVE

    It looks like the tread width of the trailer matches the jeep so the box was narrowed quite a bit. Easier access to a cj rear endwith pumpkin than a trailer rear end which they would not have in stock. A pickup box is 6.5 feet long? hard to tell if it was shortend but the proportion in the picture look good.

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