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Hand Drawn Ink Poster Originally for Insurance Company on eBay

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It sounds like there might be more than one of these posters of the Ford Jeep?

“This is not a photo – it is an artist illustrated Pen Ink Hand Drawn  poster print.We have listed a collection of these oversized prints that are from our Automotive Museum Archives.This was our most popular exhibit.To see the others listed go to our Ebay Store and enter = auto pen ink  =in the search field.During the 1980’s Pacific Standard Life Insurance Company was selling only life insurance and they decided to add auto insurance to their products and they created an exhibit that was going to be displayed thru out the United States but the project never got off the ground as they ended up filing backruptcy and all their clients became part of Hartford Insurance company. Our Museum purchased the entire exhibit and it became part of our Transportation Museum.Each is handdrawn and that also includes all the lettering.No other Ebay seller will list these as this is an exclusive listing.These are GEM MINT and are on a heavy weight cardstock.Each is matted and the size outside matt is  14 x 14 inches.We accept Paypal.Pay one shipping charge of 6.85 and all others selected will be shipped FREE.

Group  your favorite  posters together and create your own exhibit of your antique cars. One of the things that makes these pen ink posters so special are features of that years model are identified and some even have the selling price for that respective year.These were done over many decades and were at times featured in newspapers thur out the US. If you are looking for something unusal and a great converstaion piece = you just found it.LC 110”

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6 Comments on “Hand Drawn Ink Poster Originally for Insurance Company on eBay

  1. glennstin

    These were in a hand drawn book by Tadd Burness or a name something like that, maybe named Auto Album. Like the above poster said, I’ve seen ad in HMN and Old Cars

  2. DJ Bill

    Tad Burness Auto Album it is, Glenn. I spent a while in Google searches and Ebay searches to find that these poster prints are pretty hard to find. I wonder what the real history of them is, and why the seller didn’t include the Auto Album references or the Artists name. Tad is no longer with us as of November, and he inspired many a young car collector to be back in the 70’s with those newspaper features, which were in the comic section of many papers back in the day. I had a collection of them when I was a teen.
    Threre are many of his books still listed on Ebay, and I have a feeling all his stuff is going to be as collectible as the Henry Gregor Felsen books and that jeep classic, Year of The Jeep.

  3. Buz

    This must be a print, the one linked on eBay above has already been sold and the seller already has another listed.

  4. snoopy2x

    I just sent a message to the seller of this print on eBay and asked if he had another one he could sell to me. He sent back a re-listed item number, so I bought it. I think that’s the third one he’s sold in a few days – so chances are there are more where those came from!

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