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1960 DJ-3A Surrey Fort Lauderdale, FL **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was for auction.

Josh spotted this auction.  It takes place March 22-24, 2013. This is the Jade Tint Green/Glacier White color scheme.  It is too bad the engine doesn’t look in better shape.



3 Comments on “1960 DJ-3A Surrey Fort Lauderdale, FL **SOLD**

  1. Bill

    Bob- agreed that is kind of strange. The wheels are all rusty too. I have to assume this Jeep was never restored, but who’s to say the motor was never out (and maybe painted?)

    Anybody up on the pricing on these in this condition?? I think $20-30 is a bit ambitious without this being in great shape.

    The green is the rarest, the blue is nicer, but the pink is still what the people want.


  2. DJ Bill

    Interesting tidbits fo chrome here and there, noteably engine nuts, steps, windshield vent, oil filter lid, and the spacer for the tail light on the left.
    Are we looking at original parts that someone dressed up?
    No fan shroud, fan looks like a flex fan. The wheel rust would be typical for a full wheelcover equipped car, especially if the caps were always falling off and they decided to tighten the retainers.

    The engine looks like I would expect for a rebuilt original that wasn’t painted, or an original someone pressure washed the paint off of, what little paint would have remained after 50 years. I haven’t seen much original paint survive this long except MAYBE the red remans Willys sold.

    I will be watching this one closely to see what the current market is, I have a feeling we are looking at a 10K jeep especially given its lack of prominence in the auction listing. I’d much rather see it attain 20K but I have my doubts in today’s market.

    Does anyone know if the firewall mounted ignition resistor is correct? Horn and relay are not, I assume.

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