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Mr. Rather and His Dogs and Jeep

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Walter Hill, the director of the Horry County Museum, forwarded these pics from the Museum’s archives. Great images!

“Mr. Prather owned a service station in Myrtle Beach as well.  He lived in a community on the Waccamaw River/Inter-coastal Waterway called Socastee, not far from Myrtle Beach.  Anyone familiar with the area may be familiar with the Socastee Turn Bridge that allowed road traffic across the Inter-coastal Waterway and river traffic down the Inter-coastal Waterway.

Most of the pictures in this collection appear to have been taken near the end of WWII (some images in the collection show GI’s boarding the bus at the Draft office in Conway) up to the early fifties, judging by the automobiles in the pics.  One picture shows a license tag on the jeep and I want to say it says 1952.  Maybe better eyes can tell if I am correct or not.”








8 Comments on “Mr. Rather and His Dogs and Jeep

  1. Bob

    Looks like the one says 52, the last photo says ’59. At least one different dog too. Nice old photos

  2. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    I remember reading someone’s CL ad for a jeep with a half top (like this one) saying the half top is good because when your hunting dogs are riding in the back you and your Cheetos stay clean and dry in the front.

  3. Steve E.

    Great historical pictures of a guy who obviously loves his Jeep, his hound dawgs, and probably his Cheetos.

    Yes, definitely a tire lock. I have one just like it that came with an FC Truck I bought, but I don’t have a key.

  4. Paul

    I bought a couple of spare tire locks very similar to what is on this Jeep from a vendor selling parts for 1928 to 1931 Ford Model A’s.

  5. Brian

    Prather is a famous old South Carolina family. Cool and famous covered bridge named for them by their plantation.

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