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1970 Kid 8×8 AATV **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

“1970 KID 8×8. These has a very interesting military history that few know about..In a nut shell The KID was built by Kinetics International Division witch was LTV Aerospace.. Its original design was called the MAVC that later become KID 8×8.. The mule as you know was active in the military but the Kid 8×8 was a machine that was built for a platoon vehicle.. The mule was used on the base and the Kid was to follow the platoons and carry extra food, bedding, ammo and could also carry the wounded back in from the field.. the Kid 8×8 started in 1970 as a 1 seat machine for platoon use but our government had them change it to a 2 seat model with 3 point and PTO and was giving them to Asia framers to replace the water buffalos in the rice fields then Vietnam was coming to an end and they stopped sending them to Asia so LTV went after the military needs for a platoon vehicle again but our government said there’s no need because the war is over so LTV sold out inventory and closed the KID 8×8 factory.. No Kid 8×8’s seen military action because they was sent to the rice fields..

The Kid 8×8 was powered by a 4 cylinder Wisconson 30hp gas or a 4 cylinder Perkins 50hp diesel. this one is the gas model.. Its a total Hyd drive system just like the skid steers out today.. This Kid runs and works like it should with new parts in the motor and new tires and rims.. They originaly floated like a boat but i would say this one has leaks in it somewhere to use it as a boat.. The Kid 8×8 is an all metel body machine weighing around 3000lb for a base model..

I would like to find a Military Mule but i would look at other trades as this machine is for sell localy so auction can end at any time….

I have parts and options for these machines like Tracks, Dozer blades {not snow plows but they will push snow}, fender flairs, 3 point, cab options, sideboards, duel tire kits, and much much more.. Check the Kid8x8 web site for ideas.”




32 Comments on “1970 Kid 8×8 AATV **SOLD**

  1. David Eilers

    Hi JD,

    Thanks for the update and glad you are enjoying it. I’ve updated the post. Have fun!

    – Dave

  2. JD

    I don’t have track parts looking for tracks if anyone has any ..More importantly If anyone knows where and who makes a Replacement oil and Hydraulic filters in deperate need… a number or manufacturer would help

  3. Shannon Fowler

    Are you interested in buying one no n running ..if so my number is 972-832-1265

  4. Steve Williams

    I am a lucky guy…My grandfather bought one of these back in the early 70s, and it has sat parked for decades, till now…Tomorrow I will go take a look at it and see how soon I can haul it to my shop to restore…Should not be too much trouble…

    I was told my cousin started it up a couple of years ago, but that’s hearsay…hahaha

    Will post updates and pictures as we proceed…Figure a simple tear down, wheel restoration, get it functional, and do a little cosmetic work…Should be a nice project…Anyone know of any part sources???

    And yes, we have the tracks for this vehicle…

  5. David Eilers

    Hi Steve,

    I’d be happy to post updates on your project. You can email them to

    I found a couple links and some info:

    From this page×8-wheeled-rigid-vehicles-light.html :
    “KID 8×8 AATV was designed in 1970 by Kinetics International Division of LVT Aerospace Corporation for civilian South East Asia market, but ended. The plant was at Tyler, Texas, and the product presented to US Military. They declined. With remaining parts KIDS were built to Harper, Kansas and sold during 4 years. Nowadays, spare parts are sold by JLM Machine Works Montpelier, Ind.

    PDf Kid maintenance, parts, and shop manuals:×8-tractor.html

    Good luck!

    – Dave

  6. William Emert

    What are these things worth? I acquired one with original books, and tracks, ran in 2016, I get it it to turn over I’m going to get it running. But after that I’m looking to sell it.

  7. William Emert

    I am looking to sell one not running with tracks motor turns over, it’s either fuel or fire problem. Don’t have time to mess with it. I would consider selling the tracks by themselves for the right price. William Emert 303-597-6546.

  8. David Eilers

    Hi William,

    If you’d like to send me any other info with some pics to, I’d be happy to create a free eWillys post for your 8×8.

    – Dave

  9. Steve

    Here is an update…

    We were unsuccessful in getting our KID to start…It cranks, but it doesn’t fire…

    the mechanic shop we sent it to to accomplish the first stages of our rebuild gave up trying, so the KID is back at our place, and we are trying to find another mechanic to get this vehicle running so I can address the other cosmetic issues… this vehicle sat for over 30 years, so it needs a lot of work…

    we are not going to give up…

  10. Dan Risner

    I have a 1972 and its nice and has tracks with it..has full cab and all the lights and windshield wiper and just a nice machine..if anyone is interested in this full cab 8×8 in nice condition and runs awesome and quiet also…call me 740-222-1403 thanks …its in Wisconsin

  11. David Eilers

    Hi Dan,

    If you’d like to send me some pics, I’d be happy to post it for sale. You can email me at with the pics and any questions.

    – Dave

  12. al d brenk

    howdy ive got a 1970 kidd in pretty nice shape but i got it in a bad way,.my buddy died and left it to me.we had fun in it but a mouse made a nest on a cylinder and theres a small not a mac guy but it needs a new home.i pulled the tank and lines there nasty from setting,seats were shot {plylwood rotted}i have an extra same same motor for it that was running ,it asso has been siting but no ticks.i think the right person will get it going in no time. peice of time and hard to find with 2 motors.give a shout i have no idea what its worth, i do have a old book with it but a little damaged.thanks 931-319-0797 or email at

  13. al d brenk

    howdy again, al brenk post , this kidd has a custom trailer with it,anti theif hitch and hauls at 75 with no problm.drug it from AZ to Tn 26 hours no hick ups…thanks

  14. Lesley

    Hey there. We have a KID 8×8. Can anyone steer me towards an outfit that has accessories? For example, are there kits available to make a cab or will it require custom welding?

  15. Michael Nixon

    I have a 1970 that I have used for three years spraying. It was completely gone through prior to use. Has doors with screens, 4500# winch, have plenty of pics if anyone is interested. Located in Georgia. Have it listed on Facebook marketplace currently.

  16. Amber Layfield

    I acquired one of these cleaning an estate out. Just figured out what it was a 70s kid 8×8. Everything looks good on it and acts like it wants to start.
    I figured it needs to be in neutral to start but struggling on how to get in there. Can anyone please help?

  17. Barry Wilson

    Amber Layfield
    It needs to be in the center (front to back) and the “T Handle” 90deg from the side or parallel to the dash. Email me some photos please I would love to see another one. Barry

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