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1943 Photo of Half Track Jeep towing Skiers on eBay

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How cool is this photo!

“For sale is a photo of a prototype tracked snow Jeep taken near Prado, Colorado in April, 1943. It was undergoing testing at the time but apparently never made it into the field. It has skis on the front for steering with the steering wheel. (This method is an early version of the rope tow.) The photo is an 8 x 10 in size and is an enlargement of the original 4 x 5 factory photo made about 25 years ago. Seller will call the photo original since it was made from the original negative although it was made later on. Good luck with your bidding”

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2 Comments on “1943 Photo of Half Track Jeep towing Skiers on eBay

  1. dan Harrison

    Miracle of America Museum
    Polson Mt has a Old Ford like this it was a kit as I rember. They have a lot of Army things

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