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Lake Jeeping from 2010 in Spooner, WI

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Louie asked me if I’d be interested in some pictures from the 2010 Redbull Historic Military Club gathering, which included jeeps, seeps and floating trailers. I did not know those Bantam trailers floated so well!


Louie writes, “For a number of years a military collector ( Kevin Kronland of Spooner Wi.) held a 3 day event at his Cranberry farm. He had almost 100 vehicles of his own and our Redbull Historic Military Club would attend with about another 50 to 100 vehicles. Of course we all had a great time showing ,driving,and talking about our vehicles. He had a DUCK, a GPA, and other collectors brought there am fibs to run in his cranberry pond. (A real lake.)





My nephew and the RBHMVA pres in a M100 trailer Sept 09


He had a LVT that he was restoring and when it was done, I asked him if he would give me and my jeep a ride in the lake. The rest is history.

Life Cover Jeep LBT

Thats me standing in my Jeep in the back. The engine died and won’t start. They towed us to the shore.



2 Comments on “Lake Jeeping from 2010 in Spooner, WI

  1. STEVE

    Never thought of a string of trailers be pulled in the water. Doesn’t sound like they do this anymore?

    Wonder how stable the trailers are in water?

  2. Lester Senn

    Sadly, Kevin Kronland was killed in a accident on his property a year ago this month,in Feb of 2012.He was attemping to tow out one of his trucks from a marsh after it went thru the ice.The tow hook on the truck snapped and the tow rope flew into the loader he was using ,hitting him in the head.He died a few days later in the Duluth MN hospital.

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