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‘Blitz’ Rides Again!

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John told me that his dog Blitz loves riding on his CJ-3A.

He writes, “I take my dog for a ride almost every day. He likes to ride on the hood. It’s the funniest thing. People wave,point and smile. I even had one lady follow me and stop me to take a pic. I think that dam dog likes willys more then me.”



15 Comments on “‘Blitz’ Rides Again!

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    If he’s not secured in any way wouldn’t the dog fall off and get injured if you suddenly hit the brakes? Maybe he is, I do see some blacks straps at his feet.

  2. mom

    I agree with the above comments. You are no longer eligible to run for the presidency. Amazing what can take you out of the running.

  3. peter van houten

    my pit bull boxer mix loves to ride on the hood of my cj-3b so much that i have a rubber mat screwed to the hood and a peice of one that is cut out to fit in the winsheild. she rides while four wheeling or on the road up to 30 mph. just like a hood ordament. all i have to say is get in daddies jeep

  4. MoD

    I never took my dog for a ride in my jeep -_- now am gonna do it! haha

    I have a question guys and it has nothing to do with this pic but I have a CJ-2A that I want to start a complete restoration on but I couldn’t find that original jeep that I can base my work on. Can anyone help me find some pictures of probably the same jeep with many pix all around? An original 2A.. I will really appreciate it! thanks!

    – MoD

  5. mmdeilers Post author

    At last count I have over 40,000 pictures, so I ought to be able to find something. However, first I need to know which 2A you have. You can email the serial number and I’ll hunt down the appropriate pictures.

    Also, how do you want to restore it? Is it/was it a farm jeep? Did it have another purpose?


    – Dave

  6. Buz

    I’ve got two Jeeps, and I plan to NEVER EVER run for office, so I guess I need a dog…, what’s the best Jeep Dog?

  7. Steve E.

    Now, that’s one lucky Dog! I hope the Red Diaper Doper Babies in California don’t see this photo. They will surely use it to argue their position for requiring seat belts for dogs. They don’t know that 9″ brakes could not shake the agility of a canine.

    **Steve E.**

  8. john freeborough

    Blitz is the 1 year old rescue dog. He is the most loyal dog i ever owned. He can be in the house with windows and doors shut. But when i start up the willys he can open the house door and is in the jeep before i can get out of the driveway. My wife rescued him at 6 months. I did not want another dog i was mad. But when we had the same interest in old willys i told her he could stay. I have a pad that is fasten to the hood so he will not slip off. He only rides up there on the side roads. when we get on the main road i tell him to sit in the seat and he dose yes he is a smart dog. I told my wife i am going to have to get him his own willys. maybe a gpw or mb. I think he would like that.

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