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Somewhere in Southern France in a Seep

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UPDATE:  Alex makes a good argument that these images are more likely on the Mediterranean rather than in the Arromanches,  which is an area in Northwestern France.


10 Comments on “Somewhere in Southern France in a Seep

  1. Paul

    I gotta show this to my buddy Crazy Ralphie. Not only does he own a GPA but he still has his two piece swimsuit from his military days. Boy, what a combination!

  2. Alex

    You can date these photos : they were taken after 1946 (invention of the bikini swimsuit, named after the atoll where the “Bravo” nuclear test took place), and before 1950, date when the French license plate numbering system changed. This GPA still bears the 1901 type licence plate, replaced in 1950.
    Also, Arromanche is the site where the US (Allied) forces built an “instant” portable harbor during the june 1944 “D Day” invasion in Normandy, a major WW2 technological feat.
    Also, the style of the house, the tree as well as the shape of the beach seem to indicate the photos were taken in Southern France, somewhere on the Mediterranean shore. Great pictures.

  3. deilers

    I like the deductive reasoning .. so you are thinking southern France rather than Northern France. I think your reasoning makes sense given the playful beach feel to the pictures.

  4. Alex

    Southern France ? Because the beach is small (there are no tides in the Med, an inland sea). Northern French and Atlantic beaches are huge with long swells. Also the rocks on the ground are calcium,typical mediterranean. Jest petty details, though 🙂

  5. gordon west

    “They’re probably somebody’s great grandmother now ya know ; )”

    Whoa! If what I’m thinking actually came true, I could be my own father!!

  6. Bob

    I would also think that the southern coast of France would be much more likely to have tropical trees like those in the photos.

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