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1953 Alfa Romeo AR51 Matta 4×4 Surrey, UK on eBay

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This is located in the UK, but is being shipped to the US. See the description for more info.

“This rare 1953 AR51 Matta 4×4 has been in my storage for years. It is amazingly original and unmolested, a real surviver. I guess the reason why I never touched it is the fact that it is a real time wrap, never restored or modified in anyway, as many of these AR51-52 were. It still has its original gray paint, with some surface rust here and there. It looks to be complete with all unique parts, windscreen fittings, wiper motors with wipers, headlamps screens, etc. The Matta is very solid, doors shut perfectly (they are detachable by lifting them off when open!), all panels sit properly. As far as I can tell it has never been dismantled or restored in any way. There are rust spots, but generally surface rust, as the metal is very thick.

There are some rust holes, mainly in the floors, but of course very simple to repair. All original mechanically – engine is original dry sump , still turning by hand, complete with all ancillaries, air filter etc. Interior is very simple, but all original, seat frames, complete instrument panel etc. Seat covers are shot, but springs are there and should be usable. It has a dual spare wheel, one originally fitted on the hood, the other now loose, possibly fitted at rear. Top frame bows are there, the top fabric has deteriorated over the years. The main rust issues that can be seen are some floor rust holes, and some rust at the underside of the hood. One of the side rails at the rear is a bit bent downward, but can be easily straightened.
It is not road worthy and would need restoration (to my opinion a very sympathetic restoration – not to destroy the original look)
I will include the “Matta” book, which is an excellent reference and parts book.

This is a rare and original Matta, I have seen several of these over the years, but never one in such an original condition.
It is located in my storage in the UK, now being shipped over to the US. Since I have decided to sell it on, I thought of advertising it prior to shipping. The new owner can choose the port of destination. Shipping cost of approximately $1200 is to be paid by the buyer.
Please email for more information you might need.”

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