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1964 Wagon Phoenix, AZ **SOLD**

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UPDATE: This was priced at $3800. It’s a traveller, rather than a Parkway Conversion.  **SOLD**

“We’re selling our 1964 Willy Wagon. Asking price is 3800.00 obo. I have replaced the shocks and gas tank. I bought a new master cylineder, however havent had the time to get it installed. The wagon runs great. We actually were using it as a daily driver.”

1964-wagon-phoenix-az2 1964-wagon-phoenix-az3 1964-wagon-phoenix-az4


6 Comments on “1964 Wagon Phoenix, AZ **SOLD**

  1. scramboleer

    Wow. Nice Wagon. It has the driver’s side second tank which makes me think it may be a Traveller. I texted the seller per his Craigslist ad. Will let you know what I learn. I’m interested!

  2. Don

    I heard that US law said the stock tail lights were to small so the 1964-65s had the “boat trailer” tail lights.

  3. scramboleer

    I spoke with the seller and got some more pics. He’s a really nice guy. The wagon is in good shape and it’s definitely a Traveller (not a Parkway).

  4. mmdeilers Post author

    Sweet! I’ll update the ad. I wondered if it wasn’t a Parkway, but just didn’t know for sure.

  5. scramboleer

    THANK YOU Dave and I bought this Traveller today after searching for a very long time. Can’t thank you enough!

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