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J.B. Martin: St. Bernard and His Jeep

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Jim forwarded this wonderful story to Derek who forwarded it to me. It’s a heart warming tale of a man and his jeep told by the man’s daughter. A mechanic by trade, J.B. Martin, from Richmond, Missouri, drove a ‘beefed up’ 1945 MB. According the article he is credited with taking “children home in a snowstorm, a doctor to a snow-bound rural home, his family for bobsled rides, and in two days got around 60 cars started.”


J.B. Martin and his jeep. Photo from the Richmond Daily News — Richmond, MO


4 Comments on “J.B. Martin: St. Bernard and His Jeep

  1. Ed Lee

    Great article about what appears to be a great community minded man. Kind of wish it was still like that today. Roping off the street so the kids could go sledding. Imagine the liability of doing something like that in this day and age.

  2. Merlin Hanson

    When I lived in Baltimore through 2005 my Willys Mb was one of the few vehicles that could get out in our big snowstorms. And we had a couple while I was there including the one that collapsed the B and O railroad museum (my MB was there for that disaster..). A friend who ran The Fire Museum of Maryland called me “The Hanson rescue Service” and in a big storm we would pile shovels in the Jeep and set out to dig out the museum and folks we knew 🙂

  3. STEVE

    These type of things happened when times were tough and we needed each other. We will experience that again.

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