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1950 M-38 Jacksonville, FL **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: Status Unknown. Was listed at $6000.

This includes a warn OD. It looks in good condition.

“Runs and drives fine. It’s 63 years old with original parts and still runs like a champ. These jeeps were used in the Korean War 61-63 years ago. They are 24v and were built to be fully submersible. The M38 is a beefier, military version of the CJ3A. There is a lot more to say about these jeeps but I’ll keep it short. It attracts a lot of attention. It was my daily driver for over a year before I wanted something a little more… luxurious. There is also nowhere to play with these off-road anymore so it just sits in the garage. This M38 is even more unique because it is all original, not some hobbled-together assembly of random jeep parts from different jeep models that happen to fit together like you typically see. It has an $800 Warn over-drive that can be engaged in any gear. Has new tires too. I have the real title and the matching, original data-plates are still there and readable. Come drive it 🙂 I won’t entertain any other offers unless it is backed it up with a comparable example. Good luck finding one! 😉 Use email for communication.”

1950-m38-jacksonville-fl1 1950-m38-jacksonville-fl2 1950-m38-jacksonville-fl3


2 Comments on “1950 M-38 Jacksonville, FL **Status Unknown**

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    Hi Mark, I havent’ seen it relisted. I suspect it sold. I’ll update the post.

    – Dave

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