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1953 CJ-3B & 1953 CJ-3A Shelton, WA Status Unknown


UPDATE: Status unknown. 


1953 CJ-3B: This green jeep is a 1953 CJ3-B – high hood. Project jeep for $1,500.


1953 CJ-3A: This blue jeep is a 1953 CJ3-A with a Buick V6. $1,500. The body is likely a lefty from a 2A (perhaps other parts are 2A too?)



5 Comments on “1953 CJ-3B & 1953 CJ-3A Shelton, WA Status Unknown

  1. James D

    Just noticed that the blue cj3a is actually has the bow holders on the right side instead of the left. Must be a cj2a.

  2. stephen

    Hi Dave,

    I want you to know about Roger Garrick. I “purchased” a CJ3B from him over two years ago. I sent him the funds, $1,500.00, and he received them. He was going to deliver the Jeep to me in California as he stated he had a truck going up and down Washington, Oregon, and California quite frequently. He said he would deliver it for $200.00. Well, I told him that I would not accept delivery until he sent me the title. He sent me a title to a Jeep pickup, and from the VIN I figured it was a 1960’s model. I photocopied the title, and sent Roger a letter along with the bogus title and said WTF? He feigned ignorance. Since then, he has returned about $1,200.00. I will probably never see the rest. He did eventually answer one of my phone calls and said that a title to the Jeep I “purchased” couldn’t be had for at least a year as that is how long Washington DMV took to make sure the vehicle was not stolen, etc.. So, I would warn your readers at the least, or recommend that you do not accept ads from Roger Garrick. He, I feel, is less than honest. He comes across as honest and friendly on the telephone, but look out! I thought I had purchased a nice restorable vehicle from a nice guy and I was wrong. He utilizes his wife, who is apparently disabled with MS or something like that, to push the paperwork onto. I talked to her twice over the year’s time I was trying to make sense of this mess. I talked to Washington state DMV fraud department and decided to not go after this guy. I did not give his name to them, but they were super interested in busting this guy for selling more vehicles per year than he is allowed without a seller’s license. I have all the papers, copies of my letters, and the photocopy of the wrong title just in case I would ever need them to use against this fellow. Looks like you are enjoying the road trip. Thanks again for all your work and the great website. Stephen Lee Adams

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