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1956 Flatfender Roseville, Ca **Status Unknown**


UPDATE:  Was priced at $6500. Status Unknown.

(05/12/2012) This looks like a very nice jeep.  Based on the location of the gas inlet in the back, I’m going to guess this started life as a DJ-3A.

“New 350 Chevy crate engine
rebuilt 350 turbo
Power steering
New power brakes
Detroit Lockers front and rear
8000lb winch



7 Comments on “1956 Flatfender Roseville, Ca **Status Unknown**

  1. J.R. Welsh

    Not sure about the DJ, hard to see the dash but DJ’s didn’t have tailgates. 56 is an odd year though.

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Some DJs did have tailgates. It’s one of those mysteries, why some came with them and some without. Even the brochures show some with tailgates.

    My personal theory is that only the convertible DJs meant as a sport DJ or the surrey lacked the tailgates (though I believe some galas had tailgates). The ones meant for hauling mail or boxes or whatever were the ones with tailgates. But, I have no evidence other than the brochures I’ve seen to back that claim. Tracking serial numbers has proven unhelpful for determining tailgates.

    – Dave

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    Hi Lanny,

    I haven’t been able to confirm whether this is still available (craigslist wasn’t behaving for me this morning). I’ll check later today.

    – Dave

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