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Terry’s Jeep Farm in Kingston, NY

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I’m sad to report that Terry Ackert passed away last month. He ran the Jeep Farm in Kingston, NY. We had a chance to meet him in 2011. Tom forwarded this obituary. Below is the summary of our visit with him.

(Published Nov 17, 2011) This past Monday Andy took us over to meet Terry and tour Terry’s ‘jeep farm’ in Kingston, NY.  The entrance to the farm is a jeep tour in itself, requiring a good solid hill climbing vehicle as the jeep farm sits atop a hill like the summit of some holy jeep mecca.  In fact, the entrance is guarded by two luscious beauties … two barbie jeeps that have, admittedly, seen better days.  Once we reached the farm, jeeps began appearing in the woods.

Terry has been collecting jeeps for years and, even despite the rainy day, relishes what he does.  While Andy, Terry and I talked, Ann was busily exploring the scene for the perfect shot.  I’m not sure she even knew it was raining, because she was in her ‘photo zone’.  Terry was impressed enough that he gave Ann a little tootsietoy jeep (which needs some rebuilding).  Though we didn’t get a glass of wine on this visit, as the rain discouraged socializing, if you visit him on a nice day he just might share a glass with you. Give him a call at if you need some parts: 845 657 6692.  Thanks for taking time for us Terry!

Terry and I pose.  I like his eyeglasses holders.

Here are a few pictures from the our time there:

Here is Ann’s first ever jeep (left), given to her by Terry, and Andy’s more complete version of the Tootsietoy jeep:


9 Comments on “Terry’s Jeep Farm in Kingston, NY

  1. Bill Capes

    Unfortunately, Terry passed on March 20th, 2013, unexpectedly! No known plans for continuation of his ‘farm’, but we can only hope that it is picked up by someone.

    Condolences to friends and family, he definitely was a ‘Nice Guy’

  2. al masten

    never had the pleasure of meeting Terry even though I live but 40 minutes away. I’ve had the opportunity of speaking with jeep folks far and wide and when explaining my location in ulster county ny I would reference the Jeep Farm and many would know just who Terry was. 100% nice guy was always mentioned . Sad news , indeed.. RIP TERRY. Dave,keep up the great work on eWillys, like so many, this old guy does’nt miss a day of checking out the daily do-ings here. Thanks.

  3. Wayne Sheeley

    I was lucky to meet Terry,my son & I met him at a deli. Where we join him with a cup of coffee before we went to his jeep farm. ALSOME person,he sold me my FC170 which I built for Top Truck challenge in 2009. I will miss him

  4. Brendan T. Burke

    Really sorry to hear about this and especially sad that even though I had heard about the Jeep Farm I never visited it. I used to live just down the road from Kingston in Rosendale and New Paltz… Sad that places like this and people like Terry are disappearing from our jeep world.

  5. Divinitous

    Sad to hear about Terry. I had spoken with him a few times when I was searching for a 2A but paths never crossed and I never got to visit em. I certainly enjoyed seeing his adds on craigslist “Bring a cup of coffee”. I too am only located a short distance away in New Paltz. Never knew there were so many jeepers in my backyard.

  6. Eric Schwartz

    Terry was a great guy. I got to know him pretty well after many trips up the mountain. Just found out today (6/6/13). I’ve been leaving messages for him thinking he was really busy. He was very dedicated to the Jeep Farm and Willys/Jeeps.

  7. ken french

    Sorry to hear about Terry today (7/30/13). Have done business with him for many years, always a friendly guy, many times he would meet me 1/2 way with a part, very accomodating guy, honest guy. He will be missed by us jeep guys. I knew in the past year or so he had been looking after his mom (along with other family members) who was not doing well. My sincere sorrow for his family. Ken French

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