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Year? MB/GPW Bethel PA In Person Auction Saturday April 13th

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Doug spotted this solid looking restorable MB/GPW.  It appears to have combat rims, too. It is listed as a 1946 Military Jeep.



13 Comments on “Year? MB/GPW Bethel PA In Person Auction Saturday April 13th

  1. Doug

    When I first saw this auction a while back,they only had the one pic of the jeep where it is up against the wall.I was pretty sure that it was ww2 jeep.Now the second picture confirms it.I wish it was not 450miles from my house!Along way to go for an auction.In the second pic the jeep does look pretty good.

  2. windyhill

    when there today to look at Jeep, they wouldn’t let me get within 10 feet of it! they said it was for tomorrows auction. What a bunch of dopes! wast of a trip. Jeep looked pretty rough from what I could see.

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    I just re-examined the auction listing. They don’t indicate any time to inspect/review the items, other than by appointment. I’m sure they have their reasons, but seems a little odd to me. Thanks for the report!

  4. windyhill

    Sold for $9900! Lots of original parts present, body was in good shape as far as not much rust, but it was pretty banged up. engine was seized.

  5. DJ Bill

    That’s it…I’m gonna auction off my collection and use the proceeds to buy a new shop and some better project jeeps instead. $9900 for that seems a bit much. I wonder what the attraction was?

  6. Bill Shaw

    I talked to Art the auctioneer – yes it went for $9900 – he said a Jag in pieces went for $21000

    I wonder if that was a slat grill. Wish someone that was there would comment.

  7. mmdeilers Post author

    Bill … windy was there. He said the engine was seized and it was banged up. One of the problems was that it was difficult to inspect prior to the auction. It was very complete and the body had little rust/rot, so it would likely make a great restoration or might run mostly unrestored.

    Maybe who ever bought it will share some more pics.

    – Dave

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