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Shot of Jim Carter from Vintage Four Wheeler Magazine

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I bought a May 1975 issue of Four Wheeler Magazine, because it was cheap. I didn’t find anything interesting in it until stumbled across a picture of Jim Carter racing through mud on the last page. Jim and his wife Patti were long time friends of my parents and encouraged them to join the fledgling Wandering Willys Jeep Club. Those that have read my book might recognize the name.

For an unknown reason, JIm isn’t racing their jeep Otis, but someone else’s (or this photo is earlier than 1975). I do recognize that helmet though.



4 Comments on “Shot of Jim Carter from Vintage Four Wheeler Magazine

  1. Mitch

    I’d have to look at some of the old photos in the scrapbook, but is it possible that was the original Otis? Could just ask Jim I suppose….

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Not in ’75, but if it was from the late 1960s, then it could be the original Otis. By the early 1970s they already had the Parkette body installed. I’ve got several photos showing Tim riding in the ‘new’ Otis around the age of 10. He was born in ’63.

    I’ll email Jim and ask him.

    Mitch, you’ll like this link I just found:

    I turns out the Peak Putters are here in the Tri Cities.

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