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The South African Jakkal

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Marc was in the South African Air Force, but never saw one of these offroad airborne Jakkal vehicles in action. He’d never seen one until he enountered this link, which has all kinds of pictures by Danie Van den Berg:

Here’s a packed Jakkal from a Wikipedia entry:

It looks like this has a jeep like suspension with full floating hubs in the rear. Note how the winch until on the front folds down to allow the front clip to tilt forward.

south-african-jakkal-1 south-african-jakkal-2 south-african-jakkal-3 south-african-jakkal-4

south-african-jakkal-5 south-african-jakkal-6



34 Comments on “The South African Jakkal


    I know some guys in the circles of defense yet, let me fish around over the next week or so and will let you know Donavan.

  2. Fanie Basson

    Daar het jare gelede so 10 by my op die plaas aangekom,manne wou nie veel se nie en ek het n draai saam met hulle gery deur moeilike terrein,jakkals was baie gewillig

  3. Marc-Flyingfish

    I have translated from Afrikaans for all who cannot read Afrikaans;

    ’10 of these arrived on my (Fanie) farm many years ago but the men who brought them would not
    say much. I (Fanie) went for a ride with the guys over tough terrain and the Jakkals was a very
    willing vehicle.’

  4. Donavan Brown


    Thanks for that if you do hear of one please let me know. I wonder what happened to all of them, to my understanding they were replace.

  5. Barry

    the Jackal is an air portable jeep formerly used by 44 Para and Was made by Rowen In
    Durban. It was powered by a 700cc Nissan and could be fitted with a variety of things ie
    2 stretchers or a 105mm recoiless rifle or a 50cal browning. It could carry 4 men in discomfort
    and as shown, could tow a trailer.

  6. stephan

    Hi ek het een net n body maar gaan self opbou verder sal graag wil weet of daar nog ander rondry in SA dalk moet ons di gebruik vir n mould en meer maak

  7. Gawie Wolfaardt

    Hi Stephan. Het jy al begin met jou Jakkals restourasie? Ek sou belangstel om jou voertuig se bakwerk as “mould” te gebruik om nog te bou, en ook om die afmetings te kry.

  8. Wiehahn

    Could anyone manage to get a Jakkals since this thread was started in 2013? I’m also looking for one.

  9. Rabie Naude

    ek was in krygkor en was betrokke met die bou van die jakkals by aad landrover in blackheath kuilsrivier

  10. Donavan

    Hi Rabie

    What part of build of the jackals process were you? Does the company still exist we’re the Jakkal was built?



    I was involved with the build of the original prototype, and what fun we had… The designers of the Jakkals – or ‘Muggie’ as we called the first one… was Cliff Barker (I believe he still designs vehicles foe military and mines, but have lost touch with him…) Danie Crause – unfortunately passed away last year; and Oigen Nick – also no longer with us…
    It was a fantastic vehicle and I believe that it has now been phased out of operation.
    I’m sure that it will be possible to trace Cliff; and that he will be able to provide more details…

  12. Neville


    I was in 1 Para from 1979 to 82 and was with captian Jakkal who originally desiged the jeep and trailer to fit into a chopper with trailer and 6 x troops, thus the name was given to his design. It was also for a rec purpose quick drop and get out, maybe this is why they are no longer around as they have be blown up in Angola. Last time I saw captian jakkal was 1994 in Pretoria on a 3 month camp at 101 air supply which might be hiding them.

  13. Jan Stander

    Hi to all on this Jakals issue , if I can say that.
    I live in Miami USA ,coming to SA to visit my family.
    I’m 100% interested in buying one of them if it’s for sale.
    Please be so kind as to let me know !!
    Kind regards

  14. Nantus

    Hi there I do have one that’s in perfect order and registered and on the road I whant to sell it do your guy still interested in buying

  15. Nico Oberholzer

    Hi Nantus,

    I refer to your comment on December 4th, 2019. Was that a serious comment or a joke. If not have you actually sold it or is this still available?


  16. Jean Thiebaux

    I was in 101 in ’91 – ’92. We had 6 them with all the accessories. The water bunker and the trailer. They could be fitted with a recoiless canon or twin 505 browning machine guns. And variety of motars. 7 med across the road had a few as well fitted as stretcher bearers. On another note, does anybody know the name of the para forklift? the 3 wheeler?

  17. F. A. Odendaal

    Good day Guys.

    There were in tatal 2500 build and put on auction and there was only one buyer who bought the whole batch and it seems he has vanished from the earth. l would also like to get one for my self for I know in depth this little vehicle. If any one know where to find, please put on this site.

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