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Sandy Nearly Crunches Ted’s Plow Jeep

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Ted’s CJ-5 was narrowly spared by Hurricane Sandy. Great pics!

Ted writes, “Hey Dave, here’s a few shots of a huge tree that came down during Sandy and almost got my new plow truck. I almost moved the CJ and my dump truck in back round before storm but never got to it. I got real lucky, the little CJ pushed her way through three and two feet deep snow storms later in the year!!!”




3 Comments on “Sandy Nearly Crunches Ted’s Plow Jeep

  1. Dave (HOG)

    Ted you were very lucky ,, Back in 97 we had a bad storm came up the Chesapeak Bay & followed the Potomac river to my house & a tree that same size crushed my 54 Willys pickup… I had just bought it 2 weeks before,,,

  2. Ted Jordan

    Hey Zack ,Ted here , just a 4 to 5 inch tear in the hood but no damage to anything under hood. The funny part was I almost moved jeep before storm but then I thought na , that tree will never fall and if it does I will remove whats left and make myself a driving bodyless plow buggie. I’m so glad it missed ,I love the half cab,and its lettering. After Sandy I built a killer set of ice chains for the old girl and pushed three to four and a two foot storm with the jeep !!! Gotta love those 538’s

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