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1944/45 Photos of Jeeps in WW2

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These reprints just sold on eBay. Cool pics

1. A squad of GI’s, including one armed with a Thompson Submachine Gun, huddle around a Jeep next to a Sigfried Line pillbox. They’re listening to the radio sitting on the Jeep, listening to the Streetcar World Series. This was Game 4 between the St. Louis Browns and St. Louis Cardials. The Cards beat the Browns 5-1 and drew even in the series at 2-2. October 7, 1944.


2. A GI tries to extinguish the flames on a burning Jeep on October 10, 1944 in the German city of Alsdorf. The Jeep had been hit during a German artillery barrage.


3. GI’s from the 45th Infantry Division’s 157th Regiment ford the Moselle River in a Willys Jeep, Fall 1944 near Igney, France.


4. The burnt and wrecked remains of a Jeep sits stripped on a snowy road near  Berveaux, Luxemburg right at the end of the Battle of the Bulge in January, 1945. The photo was taken by a combat camerman assigned to the 26th Infantry Division.


5. Two 99th Infantry Division GI’s work to chage a tire and repair their Jeep in the snow near Eloenborn, Belgium on January 27, 1945.



2 Comments on “1944/45 Photos of Jeeps in WW2

  1. Doug

    I can relate a little to picture 5.I am a mechanic and have worked in the winter outside.BIG difference though-I was not in the middle of a war and I could get a hot shower and warm bed at night.I have the highest respect for all veterans,both past and present.Thanks to all of you for your service so that we can enjoy our freedoms.

  2. Natalie Fox


    I am writing from a tv production company in London. We are really keen to track down the source of these images to discuss featuring them in a new show for Discovery. I wonder if the author of this post knows? Any help would be much appreciated. Please email any information to nfox[at]


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