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April 27th Live Auction in Dundee, MI **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was an Auction.

This was Mike Yeck’s collection, who I understand passed away last year.

MBs, GPWs, M-38, M-38A1, M-170 and much more: Here are just some of the images. Many parts and other items for sale, too.

1952-m38a1 mick-yeck-auction-1941-mb mick-yeck-auction-1941-mb2 mick-yeck-auction-1942-gpw mick-yeck-auction-1942-gpw2

mick-yeck-auction-1942-m38a-firetruck mick-yeck-auction-1942-mb-armored mick-yeck-auction-1944-gpw-ratpatrol mick-yeck-auction-1944-mb-ord mick-yeck-auction-1944-rail-jeep mick-yeck-auction-1951-m38 mick-yeck-auction-m170 mick-yeck-auction-mighty-mite mick-yeck-auction-year-m38a1



7 Comments on “April 27th Live Auction in Dundee, MI **SOLD**

  1. Steve E.

    And just who’s bright idea was it to dismantle such a comprehensive museum that must have taken years to assemble???

    **Steve E.**

  2. Eric Kalamaja

    Wow too sad to see them part. Hopefully they may go to someplace they will be shown and driven like they should be. And not put away for from the public eye.

  3. Brian

    Mike Yeck was ~92 and passed away last Fall. These are part of his collection from his warehouse. Mike was part of the Normandy Invasion and life long WWII collector and also a very big Civil War collector/re-inactor.

    Perhaps someone else knows if there was an actual museum or if the warehouse was the museum (I think the latter). I’ve heard that he was always there and always greated visitors and shared what he had. Sadly he got ripped off quite a bit in his later years too I’m told due to his age.

  4. Larry Swart

    Bob I’m with you. All my wife has been hearing from me wish we hit the lottery… I have been pacing the floor thinking about that terrific collection… They would look great in the Hmmm how do I get them???? God bless those who served and the remaining WW2 vets…

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