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1951 M-38 Birmingham, AL $7000

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UPDATE: The price has dropped to $5000 and the jeeps’ been cleaned up since it was last listed.

(07/31/2012) “Asking $5000 OBO. I’ll entertain trade offers on anything of equal value. Needing a 60 gal air compressor and media blast and welding equipment (no arc stick welders).

I have a 1951 Willys M38 that is 90% road ready.
The Willys needs an oil line to the oil filter bath unit replaced (I’m planning on replacing it next weekend) and a battery to run – that’s it.
The front passenger side tire has a slow leak – I haven’t bothered to find the source yet as I’m working on it in my garage and hasn’t bothered me.
There is some painted-over rust / rot in the passenger side floorboard and the tool storage box under the passenger side seat.
The windshield is cracked but you can get a new one for less than $150.

The trailer is road ready and the tires are in great shape. I just pulled it 30+ miles with a Nissan Pathfinder and it pulled perfectly.
Some of the wood rail sections could be replaced but they are solid. I don’t have the canvas.
There is some rust but most is just scale. There are a few rust / rot spots that could use repair but nothing major and you can easily use it as it sits.
The lights look to be aftermarket replacements. They don’t work but I think it’s just the ground wire. I’ll look into it this weekend too.
This was designed for a deuce and a half truck but if you flip the pintle on the trailer you can lower the tongue height by as much as twelve inches and pull it all day with the M38.”



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