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1960 DJ-3A Surrey **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD**. It was listed at $5000.

Marc spotted this Surrey on Hemmings. See Tom’s comments below.

1960-dj3a-surrey-picayune-ms2 1960-dj3a-surrey-picayune-ms3

1960-dj3a-surrey-picayune-ms4 1960-dj3a-surrey-picayune-m5 1960-dj3a-surrey-picayune-ms6


7 Comments on “1960 DJ-3A Surrey **SOLD**

  1. DJ Bill

    I see signs of white on the steering wheel and the underneath side of the fenders which would have been correct. It also has the Surrey ONLY grab handles on the windshield. It very well might be a Surrey. No other features stand out as incorrect, and as the seller indicated ,the upholstery and paint are not factory.

    Unfortunately the firewall has some new additions right where the original number plate would have been and also the very hard to find trim sticker for Surreys would have been there.

    The fender holes probably were filled as part of the paint job, and the upper strap brackets also seem to have left the building with Elvis.

  2. DJ Bill

    Left tail light and bumper bracketry in the rear is also wrong, but it looks like someone added bracing to stiffen up the wimpy original brackets… The Surrey front filler panel behind the bumper is there but installed backwards.

  3. Colin Peabody

    DJBill is correct on his observations and there are probably a few more things that have either been added or taken away over the years. We might be able to see the serial number plate just above what might be a horn relay(silver box with 3 wires going to it. Might have been mounted right over the serial plate. Can’t tell what is stuck in the dipstick tube! If someone can get the serial number, that would help us ID this Jeep, maybe not whether or not it was a Surrey, but at least about when it was made.

  4. Mike Finegan

    An explanation for the upholstery is the fact that Willys used whatever color stock seating they had on hand and then covered it with the “candy stripe” seat covers. I remember a guy in my neighborhood who had one of these; and after years of use those stripped covers looked pretty raunchy. he peeled them off and presto change-o, like new seats.

  5. Tom Gibbs

    Hope I can help to clear up some of the questions, and maybe get some help in the process. I bought the pink jeep from the estate of a gentleman in Henleyfield, MS. Had several conversations, emails an text messages with him to try to confirm as much as possible that this is a real Surrey. Vin tag (which is partially obscured by the add-on horn) shows 56337 18647. The body has absolutely no rust other than minimal surface rust. Even after asking the question four or five times I was amazed when I saw it in the light. The holes in the fender tops for the straps are there as are holes in the windscreen frame. Once I took the pressure washer to it, the dark pink under the front fenders fell away revealing the light pink (coral mist I think…). The bottom of the valance that was just sitting between the grill and the bumper as well as the back side of the bumper were the correct light pink as well. The top frame was all there except for the 4 rods. 3 of the four tires even held air! Motor is stuck, but I’m working on that with Marvel Mystery oil now. Hope to get it unstuck, but may start to dismantle anyway and just tear down the motor and rebuild. The car was purchased by the previous owner in 1967 in New Orleans where the son (who I purchased the car from) used it to drive to high school. The respray of all pink happened before they owned the car. They also never used the top and he doesn’t remember ever having hubcaps on it. But that was a long time ago. It sat in a barn in MS for about 40 years till his dad, the owner, passed away. Barn was full of 60’s cars.

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