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1953 Parade in Which Texas Town?

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Joe submitted these pics and question:

Question: What happens when you combine the festive atmosphere of the Texas State Fair, a U.S. Army Band and a battalion of M38 Army Jeeps.

Answer: You have a huge parade and tax the driving skills of 24 soldiers with driving in close-order formation.

These LIFE photos by John Dominis are available for sale on the internet. Do an Image Search on “LIFE Jeep-Borne Army Band”. I count 24 jeeps………. Can anyone identify the name of the city in Texas where this was photographed?

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7 Comments on “1953 Parade in Which Texas Town?


    Click on the photo image slowly (two times) and you’ll see the full size enlargement…….

  2. Buz

    If you click on the photo to make it larger like NAVSECGRU JEEP says, you can make out some of the store signs and it appears to be Abilene, Texas.

  3. Alex

    according to the “hotel Maurice” sign, this is in Dallas, Texas. The Hotel Maurice is now the Bank of America Plaza.

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