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1947 Marmon-Herrington Delivery Van Johnsburg, IL **SOLD**

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UPDATE II: A seventh Deliver-All is located in Morris, Illinois, at the True North shop (see on Google).


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1800. Since this was sold I’ve gathered additional information on the Deliver-All.  The video below shows the jeep engine and what may be a T-90. A custom(?) transferase was adapted to the back of the transmission to provide front wheel drive.

Here’s an ad that’s currently on eBay as of 07/22/16:


Photo from Pinterest of 1946 Marmon-Harrington Deliver-All van:

1946 Marmon-Herrington Delivr-All Delivery Van

A good example of the logo:


This was the original ad from 2013:

“1947 Marmon Herrington DelivR All step/delivery van. Only 6 [Ed note: now 7 as of 2019] known to exist. This truck has sat for 25 years but the engine still runs. check out youtube video. look up 1947 Marmon deliver All. The truck is front wheel drive with independant rear suspension. It is powered by a 4 cyl willys engine and a 3 speed manual trans axle. There is some rust issues but not what you would expect for a midwest vehicle that was stored outside. Somebody converted it to a popcorn/ Cheese curd vending vehicle some time ago. No Title but have previous registration cards so that one can get a replacement title.

I bought this truck to make a hotrod out of it and put a late model driveline in it. When I found out how rare it is I thought I would alow the purists out there a chance at owning and restoring it. If not I will proceed with my Hot Rod Plans. Speak now or forever hold your peace. ”




17 Comments on “1947 Marmon-Herrington Delivery Van Johnsburg, IL **SOLD**

  1. John

    I used to own one of these back in 1976 Boise, Idaho. It was a milk delivery van. I had a painting baseness then. I gave it away.

  2. peter56

    Marmon Herrington is the company that converted Ford trucks to 4 wheel drive for many years before Ford took it in house.

  3. John Gould

    The engine in mine had the name Marmon Herrington raised lettering on the side of the engine block. I once Googled MH and at one point they did manufacture their own engine. Maybe it was a willy’s motor. in disguised ?

  4. David Eilers

    Sorry about the sneaky spam guys. I have yet to see one of these pop up for sale again. This one sold a while ago so I’ve updated the post.

    I just found a video of the van above:
    It shows a good view of the engine, a little of the tranny, an interesting look at the custom differential that drives the front wheel drive, and more.

    – Dave

  5. John Gould

    Mine looked and run very good. It looked like it was just taken off the milk run. The leaf springs was so stiff, when I hit a bump like a small speed bump. Allot of my painting equip. went airborne, Kinda. I loved that van but I had to give it away to a cuz. I liked driving while standing or sitting. The gear shift and throttle was in the gear shift and on the floor. The tires were 10 or above ply. Like driving on solid rubber. Take me back to 1976 and give my van back. I gave it to Millard Stowell my cuz. He was the manager of a local paint store there in Boise. He died many yrs ago. Great person.

  6. John

    Mine while in Boise was whit and in great shape. Looked and drove like new. Had all the milk racks in back. I hade to leave for Texas quickly so gave it to my cuz Millard Stowell. This had no rust anywhere. I was borne in Emmitt, ID 1936. I need to return for a visit.

  7. David A Lancaster

    Yep John, the one i have, had a Idaho sales tax cert in it, has your name on it, also says it was purchased from Ellis Stoddard on 13 Nov 1975.

  8. David Eilers

    John accidentally replied to the email (which goes to me) rather than posting here… here’s his follow up:

    “I left Idaho for Texas to attend a bible school 1977 I gave that Mormon Harrington van to my cousin Millard Stowell. He was the manager of a local paint store. My email . I was a house painter and used the van in my trade which I just retired from after 53 years. I am 81 now.”

    – Dave

  9. Brian Wyka

    Any official production numbers out there on how many DelivRalls exist or where built? I just acquired one. Thanks!!

  10. David Eilers

    Blaine: You can view it now on this post. I found a pic on Google Street View.

    Erik: Thanks for the heads up. I’ve added to the post.

  11. Erik Olson

    I found 10 more photos of True North’s van (on Facebook).
    Please email me David and I will send them to you to post if you wish.
    Note: we removed the hub/axle/motor on ours because they were seized up and replaced with a 1940s Sears Roebuck hayrack gear so we could tow it in parades and around the community. It has brought a lot of joy to kids & adults that visit the store.

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