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1952 M-38 Hershey, PA $5000

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This hasn’t been started in a while, but looks like it is a good use-as-is or restoration project.

“1952 Willys M38 Jeep.
I bought this as a future project over 12 years ago and while the future is here, I have not started the project.
I bought the jeep from Montana and since I have had it it has always been stored indoors. Due to the hard top, it is in great condition as far as rust goes.
I have started and driven the jeep so know the mechanical work but have not started it in probably 2 years.

Clear MN title (I am from MN originally)
Remarkably rust free for the age
Mechanically sound

Not so good
Much of the M38 specific equipment is missing
There are some dents and dings from 60 years of use
Due to the age and probably lack of use, it tends to mark it’s territory.

Don’t know if this is good, not so good or just interesting but looks like this was an arctic jeep. I can’t say exactly what that entails but there is some additional heating components inside that are “interesting” I think it is a somewhat unusual military modification for the cold. Explains the hard top as well.”

1952-m38-hershey-pa1 1952-m38-hershey-pa2 1952-m38-hershey-pa3 1952-m38-hershey-pa4


One comment on “1952 M-38 Hershey, PA $5000

  1. kilroy

    Hershey, Pa.
    Explains the color…

    “MMMMM, chocolate, ugggl ugggl.”
    H.J. Simpson

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