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1951 Wagon Arlington, WA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Was priced at $4300. **SOLD**

It appears the body has seen lots of good work. still some project work left before it runs.

1951-wagon-arlington-wa1 1951-wagon-arlington-wa2

“951 Willy’s Wagon. Partially restored. Here is a bit about it.

Most of the wiring was original and was not in good shape so it has all been taken out (with the exception of the ignition wiring) and has been replaced with an aftermarket 21 circuit easy wiring harness which is partially put in.

The bumpers were taken off of it when I stripped it down to work on and paint it. New bumpers have been installed.
The seats are out of it for ease of access to the interior. I have the original back seat. The front seats were replacement seats when I got it, and in poor shape. I do have a clear title, and it is registered in the State of Washington.

I believe it has Dana 30’s front and rear with a gear ration of 536.

The inside has been sprayed with Hurculiner.

I have included some other pictures from when I was working on the body. You can see where I cut out the fenders to get rid of the rust, and
where I welded the new fenders in. As far as rust in the body, I believe I have taken care the rust issues on the body. I cut out any rust that was anything more than surface rust. Any surface rust was sanded down to bare metal, treated, and then primed. The entire Willys was sanded and primed. I estimate I put between 4-6 coats of primer on it. This wasn’t spray can primer, this was a 2 part sandable primer with hardener. Then prior to painting color, I sealed the primer with an automotive sealer. The color is a metallic from the 2006 Jeep Rubicon. All in all, I estimate I have around $2000 in just paint, primer and sealer. In regards to the paint, it is a 2 stage paint with 3 coats of color, and over a gallon of clear. It has been sitting in a heated garage since coming out of the paint booth in 2006.

The engine is a Chevy small block. I was told it was a 305 when I bought it, but I never checked numbers. It does have the adapter (I believe a bell housing adapter) to the original running gear. It has a 2 barrel carb. The engine ran great last time I started it. It started and idled without issue.

When I got the Willys, the front seats had been replaced with Mustang 2 seats. They were in a poor state of repair. The back seat was the original and was in pretty good shape. I threw the front seats away, but I still have the rear ones.

I have all the original bumpers. I would say they are in moderate to OK shape. They have some dents. I purchased some 1960’s Bronco bumpers, had them sandblasted, and painted them gloss black.

I also have a bunch of parts for it. I saved most everything I took off it when I stripped it down. I ordered and have all the gaskets for all the remaining windows that need installed, as well as the windshield. Any glass that is not installed I have. I had a complete set of new custom glass made for it (was about $1400). This is 2 sheets of tinted glass that was sandwiched over tint. The color would be considered dark black. All the new windows are this color with the exception of the front windshields.”


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  1. scramboleer

    Looks like a good project for someone who prefers mechanical and electrical to body work.

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