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4 Renegade 1 CJ-5 Kelsey Hayes Rims **SOLD**

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“This is a genuine set of the rare Renegade 1 Kelsey Hayes Jeep wheels. They are the real deal “deep dish” 15×8 Renegade 1 wheel with all 4 KH tags still in tack with the correct part number KH-79005. These only came on 1970 CJ5s that were ordered with the Renegade 1 package. Production number of Renegade 1 wheels have been rumored at only 600 making these relatively rare wheels. You can google “kelsey hayes renegade 1 wheels” and there you’ll find the examples of these wheels with a little history. These wheels are in incredible original condition with no rust, the paint is in excellent condition as well. These have a 5 on 5 1/2 bolt pattern and will actually work on any Jeep CJ 1946-1986.”



38 Comments on “4 Renegade 1 CJ-5 Kelsey Hayes Rims **SOLD**

  1. Bill

    These are the best steel wheels ever made for Jeeps. I know someone with a dozen of these in his basement. 😉

  2. mike gully

    I tried looking these up on ebay but could not find them,
    what was the asking price for them, very interested in them,
    I’m restoring a “73” cj6.

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    Sorry Mike … I’d posted the wrong ebay item number on this. These sold for $520 after 18 bids earlier today.

  4. Bill

    Mike – where are you from? I have 12 of these, and I can sell a few off if you’re interested.

    Located in Lancaster, PA

    Bill (717) 393-5337 ….(or click my name for email link)

  5. Matt Haynes

    Bill, I see you have a few of the Kelsey Hayes renegade steelies. I have a set and have been searching forever for one for my spare. Would you sell me just one? I’m located in Georgia. Thanks! Matt

  6. Bill


    I need spares for all 3 of my sets too! I’ll keep you in mind if I find extras…. I’m always looking


  7. Matt Haynes

    I have 4 of the Kelsey Hayes Renegade 1 wheels, if you are interested. They are in good shape and have been powdercoated black, but can be painted any color. Let me know if you are interested.

  8. Scott McCasland

    I believe I have four of these wheels at my place in Wickenburg, AZ. They came off a 54 Jeep. I might be selling them, as they don’t fit over my front 11″ brakes.

  9. dick davis

    A bit late in this thread but if you have any of these Kelsy Hayes wheels for sale i would like to know about them w/photos if possible

  10. Matthew Goode

    Hello Matt Haynes, I’m looking for a set of Kelsey Hayes wheels. Are yours still available?

  11. David Eilers


    I’m not sure why you didn’t get anything earlier. Sorry about that!

    I would also check with Chris McKay at He could very well have a couple. He’s a great and fair guy who knows those rims well and will even keep a look out for you if he doesn’t have them.

    – Dave

  12. bill

    I have 3 of these wheels in good cond. I would let go reasonable. 1 still has the # sticker on it. I will get some pics tonight after work. looking for 2 side steps for willys .could put wheels towards trade.

  13. Alan Myers

    I have two sets (8 wheels).
    One set still has the tires on. The other were recently sand (aluminum oxide) blasted and primed.
    Let me know if interested.

  14. Russ Hobbs

    Matt Haynes
    Are your Kelsey 15×8 jeep wheels still available, if so email me at
    rhobbs at jrh-enterprises dot com

  15. David Eilers

    Matt replied to the email rather than adding it here (no worries Matt). He indicated his rims have sold.

  16. Tim Steinbauer

    I realize this is a fairly old thread,so my apologies for resurrecting it, but what are the chances that any of you still have a set of these? If anyone does,please contact me. Text or email works best initially.
    Tim Steinbauer
    419 202-2380

  17. David Eilers

    Hi Tim,

    Nothing wrong with resurrecting an old post. I haven’t seen any of these rims around lately, but you never know when they’ll pop up!

    – Dave

  18. Bill

    Mine are all long gone. Anyone who emailed or called me is on a list if I get more.

    Somebody could reproduce these and sell a million of them ….

  19. Lew

    Gents, I need something like this for a farm jeep so I can put on wider high flotation tires than stock NDT. Any help would be appreciated.

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