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1961 Wagon Traveller Little Rock, AR eBay

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I don’t see many of these with the original seats.

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” Willys 1961 Traveler, if you’re looking you may already know the rarity of the Willys Traveler. If you are not I would suggest a good search of the internet, try “Willys production numbers” for a start. As if it wasn’t rare enough it has all the Civilian model Traveler specific parts in tact. I have been fooling with old Willys stuff since 1972 and have never seen one with all the pieces intact. It has the factory fold up rear bench seats, it has the roof mounted spare tire carrier, it has the rear sliding side windows, it has the step plate between rear bumper and the body all still attached. These ultra rare pieces are one of the things that makes it an ideal restoration candidate. The numbers are all correct for a 1961 Traveler and it comes with a good, clean title in my name. It’s 4 wheel drive with the desirable straight “6” 226 cubic inch flathead motor. The motor spins over by hand. the transmission and transfer case are in place.

The rear wheel wells are very solid as well as the cab/body supports, the rocker or side front to back cab supports are very solid and the roof rail looks very good. Haven’t pulled any of the glass out to look where rust would form but from what I can see looks pretty good. Front floors are rough but easily fixable with reproduction parts. Lower cab/body below rear doors needs the reproduction piece installed. Been hit in the rear, the structure around the rear doors is straight and solid but rear doors and body corners are tweaked, rear doors shut just neglected to do so for pictures. All fixable with same effort to fix up old Willys Wagon using easily sourced Wagon parts, but it’s a Traveler. It has had a “spring over” body lift which should be corrected in the restoration process.

This is a chance to buy one of the rarest and lowest production number of the early SUVs. Please, look at the pictures carefully and ask any and all questions you may have before bidding. I want you to to be pleased with it and for it to go somewhere it will get a new life as a fully restored piece of extremely low production and of history.

The opening bid is the reserve, I believe it’s a fair place to start for a vehicle you can most likely count the ones that are still around on one hand. High Bidder is the Buyer.

Less than 10 Positive Feedbacks please send me a note letting me know you understand this is an Auction to Buy this Traveler and send me contact info or bid will be cancelled.

If you want to talk on the phone send me an email through Ebay and I’ll get a number to you.”


4 Comments on “1961 Wagon Traveller Little Rock, AR eBay

  1. glennstin

    WOW!! Here’s a seldom seen piece of Willys History. We may not be a player to buy, but us arm chair quarterbacks can sure admire. The seller does an excellent job describing his item. Even those great floor reinforcing cross members are nicely shown. Hope this finds a willing restorer. Did the Traveler get featured in any Willys advertising / Sales Literature?

  2. scramboleer

    Yeah, that’s a rare find indeed. The roof rack, rear step, and jump seats are just about non-existent. Hope to find or fabricate some for my ’64 Traveller one day.

    Hope this goes to a good home and gets restored back to stock (due to its completeness).

  3. Buz

    From the looks of it, it might be easier to fabricate the seats and roof rack than to restore that poor old truck.

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