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Tony’s Father’s Motor Pool Jeep

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Tony shared these great photos.

“I thought I would share with you a Jeep which my Father built during WW 2 as head of the motor pool in Germany.

This was used to pull engines from everything from trucks to the Tanks with special Cadillac engines… My Dad Steve Giordano is not the one pictured here … If anyone has seen this or knows of its location of course would like to purchase it where ever it is!”




4 Comments on “Tony’s Father’s Motor Pool Jeep

  1. STEVE

    so what are the things on the front bumper? I know they are weights most likely but from what?

  2. Tony Giordano

    that is what they are and were used because of the counter weight needed when pulling cadilac engine from tanks
    glad you like
    Kind Regrds
    Tony Giordano

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