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Photo of 36th Infantry with Wounded Prisoner on eBay

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Marc spotted this on eBay. The auction ended, but I’m sure the seller will be happy to sell it. Note the muffler winding under the front frame rails.

“Hi, and welcome! Thanks for stopping by. You are looking at a 5×7 photograph printed on FujiFilm Crystal Archive emulsion paper depicting one of the first American Jeeps to penetrate into Germany during World War II. Driving the Jeep is T/5 Charles D. Hiller of East Syracuse, New York. Sitting next to him is a Belgian patriot in an American uniform, holding an M1 Garand. His name was Henri Souvee of Liege, Belgium. The photo was taken in Roetgen, Germany on September 10, 1944.”

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2 Comments on “Photo of 36th Infantry with Wounded Prisoner on eBay

  1. Jay Johnson

    Notice the exhaust is ran thru the grill to a muffler between the rails. In desert storm Sadam’s T72’s ran the exhaust thru pipes to the front of the armor in order to kick up dust, guessing so they could retreat under cover. Wonder why the mechanics chose this method of exhaust on the Jeep?

  2. Brett

    The prisoner looks pretty casual and appears to be posing for the pic. His hair is done up nice to.

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