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TWA Jeep from Saudi Arabia

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This poor jeep saw some action. It can be found on TWDCs’ History Page. TWA assisted the Kingdom of Saudi with management assistant for the newly formed Saudi Arabian Airlines.




7 Comments on “TWA Jeep from Saudi Arabia

  1. Bo

    There is an MB-GPW styled top bow bracket mounted upside down on the cowl just below the mustached guy’s hand.

  2. Colin Peabody

    It has civilian Jeep wheels on it, and I suspect it was a custom jeep before the Saudi’s got a hold of it. I did some training for what would become the core of the Saudi Arabian Federal Highway Patrol back in 1976 here in AZ and those guys couldn’t drive for crap. Probably explains why the Jeep looks like it does. They drive like Koreans fly 787s! Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

  3. Colin Peabody

    The guy sitting in the seat has his wedding ring on the wrong hand, so the photo is probably flipped. How about this being an M38?

  4. Paul

    I don’t believe the remains of this Jeep is an M 38. The rear axle is wrong for an original M 38, the fuel filler indent and the fuel tank filler are too small, the remains of the firewall (which has been modified) show no characteristics of the M 38 wiring harness access panels and the cowl/ firewall area don’t have the holes for the battery cables nor the holes for the battery heat system. I do agree it appears someone drove this Jeep by sound… not vision.

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