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2 1942 GPWs and a Trailer Midlothian, TX **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Sold. Was priced at $2500. They went quickly!

“For your consideration are two 1942 Ford Army Jeeps and a trailer. One has a production date of Feb 26, 1942 and the second has a production date of March 26, 1942. The Feb production Jeep has a serial number of GPW 557 which according to “All-American Wonder” The Military Jeep 1941-1945, this is the second lowest production number known, only surpassed by number 500 produced Feb. 13,1942. The second jeep produced in March has a serial number of GPW 9945, so as you can see, these are very early production Army Jeeps. Both are Script Jeeps which have the Ford lettering on the rear panel. Candidly, the March Jeep which is complete, is not as nice as the Feb. Jeep which would be worthy of a restoration. The Feb Jeep is totally disassembled. The engine for the Feb Jeep has been rebuilt, and the transmission/transfer case are good. The front and rear axels are also good. These are project Jeeps. There are more parts than are pictured. The trailer has a production date of December 1942. There is a set of 5 combat rims for the Jeep. The trailer has combat rims on it. There will be a lot of work to make a great restored Jeep, but all parts are available from advertisers in the publication “Supply Line” a publication of the Military Preservation Association which is a great organization for Military vehicles and would be worth joining. I have titles for both jeeps.”

1942-gpw-trailer-midlothian-tx1 1942-gpw-trailer-midlothian-tx2 1942-gpw-trailer-midlothian-tx3 1942-gpw-trailer-midlothian-tx4


3 Comments on “2 1942 GPWs and a Trailer Midlothian, TX **SOLD**

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Wow. I can’t imagine these will last long. I wonder if either/both have engines, trans, transfer cases, etc..

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