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2013 MVPA Conference in Portland, OR

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UPDATE: It seems that a number of posts I’d created over the last few weeks hadn’t published correctly. My visit to the July MVPA Conference was one of them. So, there are a bunch of extra posts today!  Enjoy.


Vern and Dennis in front of Vern’s Ford GP. Vern has restored a number of different jeeps. Dennis is working on his first, a 1943 GPW.

On my way to Seattle today I detoured through Portland so I could spend some time at this year’s MVPA Conference. The event was held at the Portland Expo Center. The event seemed well attended, with many different vehicles and vendors. There were over thirty jeeps, too!


I couldn’t stay at the event too long, so I didn’t get a chance to mingle much. Besides Vern and Dennis, I spent some time talking with Joe from Vintage Wiring of Maine. He and Josh were discussing a wiring harness for Josh’s GPA project. I also spoke with the guys organizing the convoy trips that honor/celebrate some of the early trans US Highways. We discussed both using eWillys to promote the event and joining the 2015 Bankhead Route Convoy for part or all of the thirty day venture.

I’ve landed back in Renton for the next week. My mother has a long ‘sonny-do’ project list. I’ll also be disassembling Biscuit. I’m gonna be busy!

Here’s a bunch of pics from today. That’s all I have time for:

2013-07-26-pdx-mvpa-dukws 2013-07-26-pdx-mvpa-ford-gp 2013-07-26-pdx-mvpa-mttug1 2013-07-26-pdx-mvpa-mttug2

2013-07-26-pdx-mvpa-navy-cj3a0 2013-07-26-pdx-mvpa-navy-cj3a1 2013-07-26-pdx-mvpa-navy-cj3a2 2013-07-26-pdx-mvpa-navy-cj3a3 2013-07-26-pdx-mvpa-radiojeep 2013-07-26-pdx-mvpa-radiojeep2 2013-07-26-pdx-mvpa-willysma1 2013-07-26-pdx-mvpa-willysma2 2013-07-26-pdx-mvpa-willysma3 2013-07-26-pdx-mvpa1 2013-07-26-pdx-mvpa2 2013-07-26-pdx-mvpa3 2013-07-26-pdx-mvpa4 2013-07-26-pdx-mvpa5 2013-07-26-pdx-mvpa7 2013-07-26-pdx-mvpa9




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