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1960 DJ-3A Surrey Auburn, IN **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was auctioned.

Bruce noted this Surrey is still for sale. It will be up for auction some time in the next few days.

“To be OFFERED AT AUCTION WITHOUT RESERVE at Auction Americas Auburn Fall event, August 28-1, 2013. Estimate:$ 30,000 – $ 40,000 Chassis no. 563371789”




2 Comments on “1960 DJ-3A Surrey Auburn, IN **SOLD**

  1. Mike Finegan

    These prices are ridiculous, there’s a reason why this surrey is still for sale; no body in their right mind is going to pay that price. It’s just like everything else in this economy, big money comes in and drives out the average working guy from what used to be a fun hobby. Just like other classic vehicles, Willys Jeeps have become rich boy toys. I’ll tell you this, I’m hanging on to my Willys Jeeps CJ2A, CJ5 & wagon; they are not for sale at any price.

  2. DJ Bill

    Yup, their estimate is a little tiny bit high.
    Although it is nice to own two of them. Maybe I can convince a bank they are worth $80K now. Maybe not.

    All kidding aside, what’s it cost to restore any vehicle these days? 20K is not unheard of at all for a professionally done job. For a jeep that is one of less than 2000??? made,is it worth it?

    What is the current count of actual surviving genuine DJ3A Surreys these days anyway?

    There are better things to spend one’s money on if all one is after is ROI. However the jeeps do add a little bit of FUN to life, so I can’t really blame those who choose to spend disposable income this way.

    And it doesn’t HAVE to be a rich man’s hobby if one is careful with the purchases one makes and also able to do your own work. It is when people buy an old jeep and bring it somewhere with a blank checkbook that the stupid money starts to flow. Just this week I missed out on a totally rust free CJ5 in original paint for less than $2K. Not running but it wouldn’t have taken much. A week of cleaning and polishing and it would be a jeep to have been proud of. Someone else just bought what was supposed to have been a 3A which turned out to be a WWII MB. The deals are still out there to be had by a persistent hobbyist.

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