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Slat Grille By Cable in May 5, 1942, Life Magazine

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I bought a cheap copy of the May 5, 1942, issue of Life Magazine off ebay the other day. In it I found these photos on page 8-11. It was a failed effort to slide a jeep across a river by cable.

Before I show a the hanging jeep, I wanted to share the photo below that shows some jeeps aboard a vessel of some sort.

1942-05-04-Life-Magazine-pg23Here’s the jeep by cable from pages 8-11. You can view the magazine on Google.

1942-05-04-Life-Magazine-pg8-111942-05-04-Life-Magazine-pg8-11-00 1942-05-04-Life-Magazine-pg8-11-01 1942-05-04-Life-Magazine-pg8-11-02

 1942-05-04-Life-Magazine-pg8-11-04 1942-05-04-Life-Magazine-pg8-11-05 1942-05-04-Life-Magazine-pg8-11-06 1942-05-04-Life-Magazine-pg8-11-07 1942-05-04-Life-Magazine-pg8-11-08  1942-05-04-Life-Magazine-pg8-11-09 1942-05-04-Life-Magazine-pg8-11-10 1942-05-04-Life-Magazine-pg8-11-11 1942-05-04-Life-Magazine-pg8-11-13 1942-05-04-Life-Magazine-pg8-11-14


8 Comments on “Slat Grille By Cable in May 5, 1942, Life Magazine

  1. Robert Anderson

    That is funny indeed..
    And fortunately the Colonel was a good natured one !!
    Now if that had been Patton ???????

  2. Steve E.

    I’m sure Patton saw many a Colonel get thrown off a horse in a river crossing when he was a Lieutenant in General Pershings Army. I hope they blame the unbalanced catenary rigging rather than the Jeep. Or, maybe someone who didn’t like their commanding officer slackened the left cable and dunked him on purpose. (LOL)

    I wonder who’s Golden Retriever that is. They are great dogs.

    **Steve E.**

  3. Joe

    The vessel in the first pic appears to be a Liberty Ship or possibly a Victory Ship, both used to transport troops and equipment back & forth from the US during WWII. Interesting to note that those ships were completely steam driven, including the hoists used topside. Cargo was stored on deck if the massive cargo holds were full. That’s an awesome pic to see the decks full of jeeps!!!! For more info on the oldest surviving Liberty Ship in the US (SS John W. Brown) visit this site:

  4. deilers

    Joe, thanks for the info.

    As a bit of trivia, the Liberty Ship the SS Frederic A Eilers was named after my great great grandfather. After WWII it was renamed the Elena Seconda until it was scrapped. I have a photo of it after it was renamed, but before it was scrapped.

    – Dave

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