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1942 Aberdeen Proving Grounds Bantam BRC-40s Photo on eBay

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Here are a line up of Bantam BRC-40s

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3 Comments on “1942 Aberdeen Proving Grounds Bantam BRC-40s Photo on eBay

  1. Bill

    About 10 or 15 years ago I saw a flatbed semi load of Bantams I believe had come from Aberdeen headed east on Rt 40 – someone told me recently they closed the museum in the ’90s. There used to be a really good military museum on base – a lot of odd things.

  2. Joe in Mesa

    They “tried” to close that museum as part of the latest BRAC (base realignment…) but it proved too costly to move all the tanks and artillery pieces from the massive adjoining field. So they’ve still got a few things worth looking at. Too bad they shipped out those early jeeps. I go to Aberdeen for work a few times a year. I’ll try to get some pics of what’s left.

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