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Wagons at the Charlotte Auto Fair

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Buz found this beautiful wagon that’s for sale ($30,000). He writes, “Here are some photos I took today at the Charlotte (NC) Autofair at Charlotte Motor Speedway, the show runs through Sunday. I got out there for a couple hours this afternoon and the place was part ghost town, guess the main days are Friday and Saturday.”

9-19-2013 013

9-19-2013 014

9-19-2013 015

9-19-2013 016

9-19-2013 017

Here’s another wagon:

9-19-2013 018


3 Comments on “Wagons at the Charlotte Auto Fair

  1. Bob

    Nice wagon. The green one has the trim on the grille from a jeepster. I always thought the flat nose ones that had the “4” or “6” on them were pretty cool.

  2. Robert Anderson

    Totally agree with Bob’s comment above..
    Over the years I have owned several wagons, as well as others, and the flat grills always were my favorites…
    And they continue to be ! 🙂
    I also prefer the rounded rear wheel wells..

  3. Colin Peabody

    The 48-49 663 Station Sedans also had the T-Bar on the grille. I kinda think you could get one from the dealers and install it on another flat front. I have seen 49Jeepsters with no T-bar and the “4” emblem and they look cool also. If the panels weren’t so hard to see out of for an old guy who can’t turn around very well anymore, I would like to have one. I have had a later pointed grille 51 wagon that had a “6” in the hood emblem and my 48 Jeepster with flat front and T-bar. I think the flat grille is classier. I am torn between the round rear wheel opening and the squared off version from 50 and later in the wagons. What the hell, I like them all.

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