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Vic Hickey’s Supercharged Flathead from Car Craft Magazine

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There’s an interesting article about Vic Hickey’s supercharged flat fender in the February 1955 issue of Car Craft Magazine.  The cover shows a great color photo of the supercharger. Using a GMC Supercharger, the Vic made a variety of changes to deal with issues related to the installation.

1955-02-carcraft-pg-cover 1955-02-carcraft-pg22-23 1955-02-carcraft-pg24-25 1955-02-carcraft-pg65


5 Comments on “Vic Hickey’s Supercharged Flathead from Car Craft Magazine

  1. gordon west

    A friend of mine once told me that his dad used to race dirt track cars with supercharged L134 motors, which he said were quite popular and durable for that purpose. He’s gone now and so I can’t get a refresher on the particulars. Anybody know anything about that?

  2. Colin Peabody

    I am still working on my own hop up project on my 1960 Surrey with the L-134 and the Vic Hickey head. I made my own intake manifold setup and am working the bugs out of it now, but should have it back running in the next week or so. Dual Weber carbs, Petronix ignition, Hickey head and the exhaust manifold from a F-head 4. Don’t think I can manage a GMC blower on it, though!! Pretty cool, however. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

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