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1984 CJ-10 from Sweden

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Magnus wanted to share his beautiful CJ-10. I can’t think of a nicer one I’ve seen.

“Hi! Here is a pic of my CJ-10: 1984,3.3l diesel, dana 45,60,complete restored, probably unusual in usa.”



13 Comments on “1984 CJ-10 from Sweden

  1. Bill

    Why wasn’t this available in the US? – I would have bought one in a NY minute. As it was I bought a Ford Ranger Diesel that year. There was rumors of a Jeep Cheyenne pickup fitted diesel that year, but after checking all the dealers I never found one. Back then diesel fuel was cheaper then gas and I got 40MPG – it was a good deal

  2. Bob

    If they’d have stuck a cj7 front on this they would have sold like hot cakes. How’s your ranger diesel hold up?

  3. Colin Peabody

    Gordon is correct in his recollection. I saw several of them at the State of Arizona Surplus Auction a few years ago. They were all Arizona Air National Guard aircraft tugs, with identical front ends as this one, but no bed behind the cab.

  4. JW

    You only see the CJ-10 tugs here in the ‘States so it makes sense to believe that was the only CJ-10 version produced. However, non-tug CJ-10 trucks were produced for several overseas markets. They were a very capable Jeep, not a one trick pony like the CJ-10 tug. This very nice Swedish version looks like one of those trucks. I wish we could find them here.

  5. Bob

    I used to drive those tugs in the Air Force pulling bomb trailers. I don’t know the pulling capacity, but we pulled 30,000 pounds with one out at nellis once. The diesel was an absolute powerhouse.

  6. Randy peacock

    Update. Had a starter made. Runs like a top extended wheelbase and made it 4wd love it never seen anything like it.

  7. David Eilers


    Congrats on finding a starter solution. I’m happy to hear it’s working great for you!

    – Dave

  8. Mark Dawson

    The CJ10 was sold in Australia as a J10 in the 80’s and looked the same as the Swedish version but they also had the AMC 258 engine from the CJ. The J10 in Australia was 4×4. In 1984/85 Jeep Australia in Queensland made a limited version with the standard CJ front grille. I have a J10 in Australia. They are still very popular with jeep enthusiasts.

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